3 Reasons Why Basement Beast Bands Are The Best -- And Only -- Resistance Bands You’ll Ever Need… PERIOD

Basement Beast Bands are the foundation of every single workout
You can’t do the 12-Week Transformation without resistance bands.
Plain and simple.
Plus, if you want to be a true Beast and pack on pounds of chiseled, shirt-popping muscle...
And build the best body possible by joining your brethren rocking and rolling in Nation, MASS, and Xtremeshred…
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You Need a set of basement beast resistance bands

No way around it.
But most bands out there simply can’t live up to the task of the brutal work we put in during our Basement Beast workouts.
That’s why we STRONGLY encourage every Beast to get a set of the battle-tested, most durable bands around... The Basement Beast Resistance Bands.
Having a set of Basement Beast Bands means you don’t hit any hiccups with low-quality bands that snap halfway through your workout…
And you’ll blast through the next 12 weeks of push-yourself-to-the-limits workouts, recover faster, and never have to buy another pair of bands again.
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The HUGE problem with other bands


Bands That Snap Too Soon

Most companies use what's known as a "single mold." This means the rubber is poured in all at once. The result is bubbles and other imperfections that cause premature wear-and-tear and almost guarantee your bands will snap.
Basement Beast Bands, on the other hand, are made with a proprietary process called "layered pressing." This means each band is made using 3-12 molds (depending on the size of the band) and then pressed together.
The result is a band that's durable and with proper care, can withstand YEARS of grueling workouts without breaking.

You Can’t Follow The Workouts With Fabian

If you use a knock-off set of bands, you’ll be forced to pause your workouts in the middle, and “match” your band’s resistance level with the one’s Fabian’s using. That’s a recipe for a half-assed workout (and half-assed results) since you won’t be able to push yourself through each workout.
Using Basement Beast Bands, however, you’ll easily follow along and keep up with Fabian using the exact bands he uses in the videos. Meaning you’ll get the most out of every fat-burning and muscle-building rep, set, and workout -- the way Basement Beast was designed to be followed for maximum results in the fastest time.

“Non-Looped” Bands Aren’t As Effective

“Non-looped” bands (the kind with handles on each end) don’t give you nearly as much resistance, tug, and pull. That’s a problem because without enough loading tension, you won’t be able to pack on as much lean mass and shred as much excess fat as you would otherwise.
Which is why Basement Beast Bands are looped throughout, so you get maximum resistance, maximum tension, and push yourself for a head-to-toe transformation you can see and feel by the end of the 12 weeks and beyond.
Once your fellow Beasts feel the Basement Beast Band difference with every rep, they never go back to other bands.

Here’s what’s inside every Basement Beast Band set – and why they’re GUARANTEED to be the most durable, longest-lasting band you’ll ever try or your money back:

Every Basement Beast Band set comes with 4 snap-resistant, ultra-stretchy bands:
Yellow (light) Band – resistance: 8-15lbs
Red (medium) Band – resistance: 15-35lbs
Purple (heavy) Band – resistance: 35-85lbs
Green (x-heavy) Band – resistance: 50-125lbs – and Fabian’s personal favorite
Again, all four bands are put through a rigorous and leading-edge manufacturing process known as “layered pressing.” We worked with NINE different manufacturers to perfect this process and bring you the best bands on Earth. There’s no comparison.
It’s the secret sauce behind why Basement Beast Bands have a long-term track record of standing up to the hardest of workouts, and why once you try our bands, you’ll never consider going with “the other guys.”
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When you order today, you’ll also get 5 MORE Basement Beast Bands for FREE – to be used during your workouts and our yoga sessions…

Green (X-Light) Yoga Band

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Blue (Light) Yoga Band

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Yellow (Medium) Yoga Band

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Red (Heavy) Yoga Band

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Black (X-Heavy) Yoga Band

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Although these yoga bands aren’t required, they’re highly, highly recommended to get the best results.

You’re going to love how easy they are to swap into your main workouts with Fabian, and your weekly yoga workouts, designed to help you build your dream physique while staying injury-free:

A FREE drawstring bag and carrying pouch so you can take your bands and workout on go, whenever and wherever life takes you…

AND you’ll get FREE shipping

(you can expect your bands to arrive in 5 days or less)
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Special discount deal for incoming Beasts ONLY:

If you bought the bands separately from our website at a later time, they’re $117 (plus shipping & handling).
Considering you’ll never have to buy another resistance band set in your life, how durable these are, and how they’re the first and only bands on the market to be manufactured using our special “layered pressing” technique, $117 is a bargain.
But as a new Beast, you can get all 9 bands in the Basement Beast Band set, the drawstring bag, and the carrying pouch…
For just $107 -- that’s 10 bucks off and we’ll even cover shipping!
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You’re covered by our ironclad 90-day money back guarantee, so if you don’t like your Basement Beast Bands for whatever reason, they’re free!

Give these snap-resistant, ultra-durable, looped bands a try, see how “layered pressing” makes all the difference, and feel the extra resistance with every rep…
And if you’re not absolutely thrilled with your purchase for whatever reason, no problem.
Just shoot our customer service team a quick email requesting a refund, send the bands back, and you’ll get a full and immediate refund.
Which means you risk absolutely nothing.
(The real risk is trying some other brand and having your bands snap mid-workout, leaving you to come back and pay full price plus shipping for Basement Beast Bands right after.)
What are you waiting for?
You risk nothing.
Grab your Basement Beast Band set for the discounted price of $107 by clicking this button now:
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