Overweight Illinois Steel Worker Amazes
 Internet with 17-Minute Fat Loss Story (unbelievable transformation photos)

posted: March 18, 2022
Meet Josh Reznick... a steel mill worker from Illinois who’s caused quite the stir on the internet recently.
“In total disbelief. Fat to fit in weeks,” the 32-year-old shared. “I didn't go to a gym, took no supplements and didn't follow any crazy off-limits diet restrictions.”

Of course, that left everyone wondering... then what did you do to lose all that fat?

“I stopped doing what everyone else was doing,” he replied. “That got me nowhere.”

Josh explained how typical weightlifting programs, running and cardio, and following a super-strict diet got him nowhere... and put him on a dangerous path.
“I found myself in a cycle of going to the gym for a couple of months... working out for hours per day... and getting minimal results. I’d eventually lose motivation, give up, and gain more weight. Rinse and repeat... for years.”

It was only after making one simple change to his exercise program that Josh’s waistline began to shrink.

“I discovered I had a damaged metabolism and everything I was doing: slow and repetitive weight training, long cardio sessions, and restrictive diets... those things only slowed it down more, and made me gain weight even faster.”

Josh went on to explain how he was introduced to a simple, innovative way to “reignite the metabolism” and transform himself into a natural fat-burner.

“After that, I started losing weight efficiently.” he boasted.

Even better: this “Metabolic Reignition” takes just 17-20 minutes.

Think you’ve got a damaged metabolism?

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